Privacy Policy

This document constitutes the Privacy Policy that applies to all personal data that Luciano Vázquez Varela treats about you. Below, we inform you of how we treat your data:
Luciano Vázquez Varela (hereinafter, Cafés Las Antillas-Campos), is responsible for the treatment of the interested party’s personal data and informs him that these data will be treated in accordance with the provisions of current regulations on the protection of personal data, and, in particular, in Regulation (EU) 2016/679, of April 27, 2016 (RGPD), for which the following information about treatment is provided.
Responsible for the treatment of your data
• IDENTITY: Luciano Vázquez Varela
• NIF: 33.177.288-H
• Address: Carretera de Vigo, 78 -32001 Ourense
• Telephone: 988 211073
• Contact details of the Data Protection Officer: Marco Antonio Vázquez Álvarez .-> IT IS NOT SUITABLE, NOR MANDATORY THAT YOU HAVE IT, AND IF SO, IT MUST BE INDEPENDENT.
End of treatment: the data you provide and whose accuracy, veracity and validity you answer yourself, will be processed for the following purposes:
• Administrative management, billing and schedule control through appointment reminders, via email, sms and / or similar services (instant messaging).
• Likewise, we may send you useful information for your future consultations at our center.
• Additionally, and if you expressly consent, you may be sent information about products and services provided by Cafés Las Antillas-Campos that may be of interest to you. -> THERE IS NO EXPRESS AUTHORIZATION TO SEND ADVERTISING ON THE REGISTRATION FORM (acceptance box)
• Likewise, you may also receive advertising on services offered by third parties; in any case, these services will be limited solely to the food sector. -> CANNOT BE DONE, WITHOUT FIRST OBTAINING AN EXPRESS CONSENT (acceptance box)
• Additionally, we inform you that in order to send you the aforementioned communications, we will prepare a “food profile”, based on the information provided by you, and that obtained from browsing. Automated decisions will be made that allow the creation of profiles, in order to send you individualized advertising, through electronic means. -> SAME AS BEFORE.

Legitimation for data processing:
We need the express consent for the elaboration of a “profile”, which will be carried out based on automated procedures, and taking into account the data you provide us, as well as your activity in navigation.
You will have the right to revoke your consent at any time, completely free of charge, through the email, Or through the following address: Cafés Las Antillas-Campos, Carretera de Vigo, 78 – 32001 – Ourense . As a result of your opposition to the treatment, we will not be able to create an automated profile for you, in order to send you commercial communications to your email, based on your interests and needs. However, in no case the aforementioned opposition, may condition the execution of the service provision contract.
• Fulfillment of obligations that correspond to Cafés Las Antillas-Campos by legal mandate. (Comply with the obligations established in the health and tax regulations and the regulations on the protection of personal data).
• For legitimate interest for said data processing such as the internal administrative purposes of Cafés Las Antillas-Campos or so that we can better meet your expectations and improve your degree of satisfaction as a customer (participation in satisfaction surveys).
Data conservation criteria: in accordance with the applicable food regulations, your data will be kept for at least five years from the date of each healthcare process and when they are no longer necessary for the purpose for which they are processed, they will be deleted. with adequate security measures that guarantee their pseudonymisation or their total destruction.
Communication to third parties: Cafés Las Antillas-Campos manages the information provided for internal administrative purposes. Consequently, other investee companies of Cafés Las Antillas-Campos, S.L.  to correctly execute its functions.

Furthermore, we inform you that your identifying data (telephone and / or email) may be shared with advertising networks in order to cross them with the information contained in those networks, to understand the way in which you use the Cafés Las website. Antillas-Campos, that is, to obtain information on what pages and information you consult and thus be able to offer you personalized information about Cafés Las Antillas-Campos. This data will be shared in a fully encrypted manner. AS IT IS NOT A ASSIGNMENT FOR A LEGAL OBLIGATION, IT MUST BE EXPRESSLY CONSENTED
Finally, we inform you that your data may be communicated to third parties, provided there is a legal obligation to do so.
International data transfers: for the correct provision of the service Cafés Las Antillas-Campos offers, you may require that other third-party service providers of Cafés Las Antillas-Campos access the Personal Data of the interested party, as data processors. The interested party understands that some of said service providers may be in countries outside the European Economic Area. In this sense, Cafés Las Antillas-Campos will only work with those entities that either offer a level of security equivalent to Spanish or provide sufficient guarantees to guarantee an adequate level of protection. In any case, Cafés Las Antillas-Campos, guarantees that such international transfers are made under the authorization of the Director of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection and / or are covered by standard clauses complying with the appropriate security measures.
Rights that assist the Interested Party: A) Right to withdraw consent at any time. B) Right of access, rectification, portability and deletion of your data and the limitation or opposition to its treatment. C) Right to file a claim with the Control Authority ( if it considers that the treatment does not comply with current regulations.
Contact information to exercise your rights:
Luciano Vázquez Varela
Carretera Vigo, 78 32001 – Ourense