A coffee with history and know-how.

In the year 1947 is born in Ourense the Roasting Company Cafés As The Antilles. Our knowledge in this sector has been inherited from parents to children for four generations. Over the years we have achieved an exquisite treatment of grain tasting, latent in our coffee with an unbeatable flavor.

In 1972, we acquired the prestigious Cafés Campos brand, founded in 1920. Their coffees were of great quality like those of the Antilles and there arose then a respectful fusion of the two brands, Cafés the Antillas-Campos, as it is known today in day

Throughout our career we have been opening up the market abroad of Galicia. First it was in León, to arrive later in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Zaragoza, Valladolid, Navarra, Lleida, Jerez de la Frontera ... where you can find our products.

After more than 70 years we maintain the same spirit with which we are born, being a coffee that takes care of its elaboration process to offer flavor and quality.