Ctra de Vigo, 78 · 32001 - Outariz (Ourense) Tel.: 988 211 073 · Fax: 988 215 770

Las Antillas since 1947

Las Antillas coffee company was opened in Ourense in 1947. A traditional legacy about coffee is given from parents to children for 4 generations.

The quality and the freshness of the coffee beans are essential for this company. We have achieved an exquisite and precise process of roasting coffee beans.

Las Antillas Company was opening market out of Galicia, beginning in Leon to arrive later to Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Zaragoza, Jerez de La Frontera where our products can be found.

In 1972 we purchased the prestigious trademark Campos coffee. Campos coffee company was established in 1920 working with high quality coffee beans too.

We decided a respectful fusion between both trademark, as a result of this fusion the company is known as Las Antillas-Campos coffee company.

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